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I Tried a Medi Pedi and Here's What Happened

This is a guest blog by Daphne Verzosa of Metamorphosis.

I knew Jessica when we worked together at a beauty company a few years ago. Even then she already told me about her dream of having her own nail spa. She was always so funny and delightful, I knew she would be the perfect person, especially for people who have feet and nail issues they would otherwise be embarrassed to share with other people.

In my case, I have had callus issues on my big toes for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I always wore suffocating shoes that I started rubbing my index and big toes together to make some room in the shoe until I grew older and it became a habit even when I wear perfectly fitting shoes. Now those big toes have developed a hollow on the side, which become filled with calluses over time. They look so weird that I started getting looks from pedicurists in the past.

Jessica convinced me to visit her spa so she could take a look. Here's a full recap of what went down on my first visit to Remedi Nail Spa!


Before I came in, I filled out a form online so she could put me on schedule. Upon my arrival, she gave me a cup of coffee (my favorite) and had me sit on her gorgeous chair as she put on her fancy gloves and mask.

Jessica began inspecting my toes, asking questions about how I got them and what I used to do to remove the calluses. During this time, Jessica assured me that calluses are perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it's our body's way of protecting our skin.

My heels needed some upkeep as well as I've been neglecting them, so she suggested we include that in the Remedi Pedi service.

The Remedi Pedi is a waterless pedicure service perfect for those like me with calluses and cracked heels. The service has 3 tiers, and I happened to be Level 1, having manageable calluses on both my toes and heels.

Step 1: Disinfection & Cleansing

The first step in the Remedi Pedi service is disinfection. This helps cleanse the feet without the use of water.

A waterless pedicure is highly recommended for those suffering from diabetes because this doesn't involve soaking the feet in what could be contaminated water. Also, as Jessica explained, a dry pedicure provides a more accurate visual of the skin, helping the pedicurist see how much dry, thickened skin is being removed. This prevents injuries and cuts that may be harmful to diabetic individuals.

Step 2: Nail Cutting & E-filing

After cleansing the skin, Jessica cut the nails and used an e-file to shape my nails and exfoliate dead skin on the sides of the nails.

It was my first experience getting my nails e-filed. It felt tingly a little bit in the beginning and then after a few minutes, I got used to it.

Step 3: Callus Softener Application

After everything was trimmed and filed, Jessica applied some callus softener on some areas of my feet, mainly the big toe, the balls of my feet, and heels.

She covered and wrapped it with a hot, dry towel to help the softener work faster. While waiting, Jessica went back to e-filing my cuticles for the finishing touch.

As soon as that was done, she unwrapped my feet and began removing the softener. Seeing the excess callus melt was kind of disgusting to be quite honest, in a satisfying sort of way (skip this part if you're squeamish haha!).

Step 4: Foot Filing

After all of the softener was removed, Jessica used the foot file to reduce calluses. The fine side of the file is usually used if there's not so much excess callus left, while the coarse side is for those with thick calluses still remaining a.k.a. mine. I always get nervous during this part because I'm scared the pedicurist is going to cut my skin with the "cheese grater" but the file she used was so gentle I was shocked at how comfortable it felt.

To smooth everything out, she used an e-file, particularly on the heels and areas around the toe. By this time I was already seeing the drastic difference. My feet felt light and refreshed.

Step 5: Cleaning and Exfoliating

Next, Jessica proceeded with removing the debris from filing with a spray cleanser and did a relaxing foot scrub to remove more debris and dead skin cells, finishing it off with a hot towel to remove the scrub.

Even though it felt weird having my friend's face that close to my feet (haha), I loved how she is so thorough and meticulous. While my feet were enjoying the warmth of the towels, she went over my nails again, making sure there was no debris left especially under the nails and in between my toes. So relaxing!

Step 6: Moisturizing & Conditioning

For the final step, she applied moisturizer on my feet and some nail oil to condition the nails. And to give it some more color, Jessica let me choose nail polish. I haven't had nail polish in years so I chose a subtle light pink to keep it feminine.


As someone who had a waterless pedicure for the first time, my experience was mind-blowing. I did not know such a thing existed until Jessica opened Remedi Nail Spa. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed and was thoroughly amazed at the results. See the Before and After shots of my feet!

My feet have never looked better, and SHINY!

I hope sharing my experience has helped answer questions you have about waterless pedicures. As for me, I cannot wait for my next Medi Pedi.

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