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Attending to your every nail need (yes, even if it isn’t a pretty sight)

waterless pedicure
waterless nailcare

Maintenance Nailcare   

Starting at $50
Initial Appointment $70

Think of it as a tune-up for your toes.

This service includes trimming, shaping, and buffing toenails with a light cuticle cleanup (this tune-up job doesn’t include care for the heels of feet or polish). We recommend it for men and women who struggle to reach their toenails but want to maintain good foot health.

If this is your first time visiting us, we recommend booking the Wellness Pedicure or Remedi Pedi – just to make sure everything is in tip-top condition.

Service prices listed are base rates and are determined by the condition of the nails and feet.  Accurate pricing will be determined during the consultation of your first appointment.

Wellness Pedicure

Starting at $75
Initial Appointment $90

Like giving a big, warm hug to your feet!


This service includes toenail trimming, cuticle exfoliation, and basic heel care followed by a light exfoliation. Finished with a hydration foam or lotion and your preference of buff shine or polish.

This pedicure is for feet in fine condition and for those who want to experience a waterless pedicure in a clean, safe environment. If you have thick toenails or callused skin, we recommend scheduling a Remedi Pedi appointment.

hot towel in nail spa
electric filing

Medical Pedicures

This is THE pedicure for those suffering from any of the following: built-up calluses, peeling skin,  fungal or thick toenails, cracked heels, ingrown toenails, or anything else causing discomfort.

As these conditions vary and to address all areas of concern, services are scheduled in a level system from levels 1 to 3. Choose the level best suited for you or if you aren’t sure which one to schedule, just choose Level 3 as a worst-case scenario. We will change the level and charge you accordingly if your feet don't require as much attention as you think.


Level 1: $100+ (90 Mins)

Initial Appointment $130

  • 1-2 thick or fungal toenails

  • Callus on toes or heels

  • Peeling skin


Level 2: $120+ (105 Mins)

Initial Appointment $150

  • 3-4 thick or fungal toenails

  • The buildup of callus on toes and/or heels

  • Cracked heels or fissures

Level 3: $150+ (120 Mins)

Initial Appointment $200

  • 5+ thick or fungal toenails

  • Thick callusses and/or corns

  • Peeling skin on top of toes or feet

  • Heavy cuticle buildup

Starting at $100

Toenail Restoration  

Get your nails looking human again.

Lacking a toenail? Got a fungal issue? Suffering from a plain old ugly nail? We can help!

Essentially, nail restoration is an artificial nail made from non-porous builder gel. It’s similar to acrylic but is more flexible and much better for your nails. Offers an incredibly natural look.

Restoration only (Price includes take-home care):

  • 1 nail - $125 

  • 2 nails - $200

  • 3+ nails - $250

With a pedicure (Price includes take-home care):

  • 1 nail - $100    

  • 2 nails - $150

  • 3+ nails - $200

toenail restoration
ingrown nail correction

Ingrown Nail Correction ($65)

Say goodbye to ingrown toenails.

Onyfix is a simple, painless, and non-surgical procedure that corrects ingrown toenails. It alleviates pain and discomfort caused by curved and involuted toenails – without using any scalpels or needles.

Plus, the procedure can be added to any of our pedicure services.

Classic Manicure ($50)

The traditional manicure we all know and love, minus the soaking.

This service is perfect for those who wish to experience a dry manicure in a clean, private suite.

We will trim and shape your fingernails, exfoliate your cuticles, and massage in some divine hydrating lotion. Finish with the polish of your dreams.

Add Gel for longer-lasting polish: $20

manicure services

Paraffin Wax Foot Mask

Add on for $25

Soothe and moisturize tired, dry feet with our new Paraffin Wax Foot Mask! We use thermaBliss' nourishment paraffin blend infused with vitamins A, C, and E, plus green and white tea extracts that help relax muscles, stimulate self-hydration, and increase blood flow to your feet.

Add it to any Remedi Nail Spa service and walk away with soft, relaxed, and hydrated feet.

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