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Our Services

Attending to your every nail need (yes, even if it isn’t a pretty sight)

Service prices listed are base rates and are determined by the condition of the nails and feet.  Accurate pricing will be determined during the consultation of your first appointment.
At Remedi Nail Spa, we celebrate the natural beauty of bare nails, prioritizing their health and cleanliness. While our services do not include polish by default, you have the option to add it for an additional fee.
Your First Day at Remedi Nail Spa

Welcome! We're excited to meet you and want to make your experience as personalized and comforting as possible.

If it's your first time with us, we recommend scheduling our Remedi Pedi Medical Pedicure service. This isn't just any pedicure, it includes a thorough consultation where we'll dive into your specific nail and skincare concerns. It's a chance for you to share what you hope to achieve with your visit. During this consultation, we'll explore various services and pinpoint the ones that will benefit you the most. Our goal is to ensure that your treatment is perfectly tailored to your needs, leaving you feeling pampered and cared for. We can't wait to start this journey with you and show you how our services can make a difference.

electric filing

Remedi Pedi


This comprehensive pedicure targets issues like calluses, peeling skin, fungal or thick toenails, cracked heels, and ingrown toenails, among other foot discomforts.

Each treatment level comes with a thorough foot assessment, consultation, and essential pedicure steps, including a whipped sugar scrub and hot towel wrap.

Our services are structured into three levels to precisely address your specific concerns. If your feet are generally in fine condition, opt for Level 1. Unsure of which level to choose? Start with Level 3 for the most extensive care, and we'll adjust the level and price if your feet require less attention than anticipated.


Remedi Pedi Level 1

Starting at $120

  • 1-2 thick or fungal toenails

  • Minor calluses

  • Discolored nails

Remedi Pedi Level 2

Starting at $150

  • 3-4 thick or fungal toenails

  • Thick calluses

  • Cracked heels, fissures, or corns

  • Ingrown toenails

Remedi Pedi Level 3

Starting at $175

  • 5+ thick or fungal toenails

  • Thick calluses, fissures, corns

  • Heavy cuticle buildup

  • Ingrown toenails

Remedi Pedi
Pedicure Services

These services are specifically tailored for clients who have previously visited us. If this is your first time with us, we recommend scheduling from our Remedi Pedi menu to ensure your experience aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences.


Maintenance Nailcare   

Starting at $55

Consider this a quick tune-up for your toes.

This service provides careful cutting, shaping, and  buffing of your nails, complemented by a relaxing hot towel wrap.


We recommend it for those that may have a difficult time doing it themselves. (It's always best to leave it up to the pro's)

waterless nailcare
hot towel in nail spa

Essentials Pedicure

Starting at $75

Refresh your feet!


This service offers toenail trimming and shaping, gentle cuticle exfoliation, basic heel care, and a revitalizing whipped sugar scrub.  It concludes with a comforting hot towel wrap, leaving your feet exfoliated and refreshingly rejuvenated.

Soft Soles Retreat

Starting at $90

Like giving your feet a big warm hug!


This service offers precise nail care, detailed cuticle attention, and thorough heel treatment for impeccably smooth feet. Enjoy a whipped sugar scrub and a comforting hot towel wrap. Experience the benefits of a moisturizing honey mask enriched with organic acacia honey and ginger extracts that not only nourish and regenerate the skin but also promote circulation. The session culminates in a blissful foot massage.

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Manicure Services

Indulge in our dry manicure services—a modern twist on the classic favorite, omitting the water soak for a safer and more efficient pampering experience. Enjoy the same meticulous nail care and luxurious treatments you adore, now with added peace of mind.


Meticulous Manicure ($55)

This manicure offers traditional trimming, shaping, and buffing of the nails, coupled with our gentle e-file cuticle exfoliation technique that preserves the health of your cuticles. The services ends with a comforting hot towel wrap and hydrating lotion application with a natural nail shine finish.

Add Nail Polish: $12

Add Gel Polish: $20

Soft Hands Manicure ($65)

This service elevates the meticulous manicure with a whipped sugar scrub for gentle exfoliation, detailed cuticle attention, a fortifying nail & hand serum, plus a soothing hot towel wrap. It finishes with a moisturizing hand massage, leaving your hands refreshed and exquisitely soft.

Add Nail Polish: $12

Add Gel Polish: $20

manicure services
Add-On Services

Complete your Remedi Nail Spa experience with these add-on services!

Ingrown Nail Correction 

Starting at $50

Tiptoe away from toenail discomfort with a hint of relief!

We use the B/S Brace System, a non-surgical corrective procedure designed to alleviate pain and address nail curvature issues.


Ideal for individuals experiencing discomfort due to:

  • excessive curvature of toenails caused by narrow-fitting shoes

  • involuted, pincer, or ram horn nails

  • toenails prone to ingrown infections

If the nail has punctured the skin or is infected, we regret that we are unable to accommodate your service until it has cleared up. We strongly advise you to consult a podiatrist. Should you need a recommendation, please don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Toenail Restoration  

Starting at $125

Show your toes again!

Lacking a toenail? Got a fungal issue? Suffering from a plain old ugly nail? We can help!

Our nail restoration involves building an artificial nail made from a non-porous gel. It's similar to acrylic but more flexible and much better for your nails, offering an incredibly natural look.

Pricing starts at $125 and varies according to your specific nail condition. This fee includes the application of polish and a take-home antifungal product during your first visit.


Add Nail Polish: $12

Add Gel Polish: $20

Enhance your manicure or pedicure experience with our nail polish add-on. Choose from a wide selection of regular nail polishes or opt for the long-lasting gel polish.

Paraffin Wax Foot Mask

Add on for $25

Soothe and moisturize tired, dry feet with our new Paraffin Wax Foot Mask! We use thermaBliss' nourishment paraffin blend infused with vitamins A, C, and E, plus green and white tea extracts that help relax muscles, stimulate self-hydration, and increase blood flow to your feet.

Add it to any Remedi Nail Spa service and walk away with soft, relaxed, and hydrated feet.

Hydrating Heel  Polish

Add on for $10

Enhanced with a nourishing skin serum, this heel polish delicately smooths the foot's surface and infuses the serum deeper into the skin, ensuring your feet stay silky and smooth for longer.

Whipped Sugar Scrub

Add on for $10

Gently polish away dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oils for radiant, smooth feet with a luxurious blend of natural soap enriched with coconut powder and sugar. This formula exfoliates and softens the feet, leaving them refreshed and silky.

What Others Say About Our Services
“I was so happy to get an appointment. Jessica is booked pretty far out. Once I arrived I was offered something to drink. The business is clean and very modern. I received a wetless pedicure in order to see all the necessary improvements needed on my feet. The pedicure does not disappoint and my feet looked like pictures I see in magazines. Pure perfection with zero imperfections. Very happy with Jessica, her work and the outcome. I have already recommended her to friends.“

Marilyn M.

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