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Meet the Founder
Jessica Vogel

Okay, story time! Soon after graduating from nail school in 2013, I became employed by a podiatrist-owned nail spa in St. Augustine, FL. I went in, eager to learn more about the industry and expecting to paint some beautiful nails on healthy feet. However, I soon realized that people rarely go to the podiatrist because their feet are in optimal condition, but for a specific reason (and I’m not talking about the occasional stubbed pinky toe).

It felt like every day was full of fungus and calluses the size of Mount Everest, and while my biceps grew from all the filing, doing so much work on feet made me sad. Sad for the people who have been walking around like that and in pain. Sad because they didn’t have anywhere to go where they felt comfortable enough to show their feet. And sad because I was the person that they decided to show them to…


About Us

So much more than just good-looking feet.

But then I discovered the relief people felt after their appointment. This wasn’t just cosmetic for them. They loved the fact that their thick toenails didn’t have to stay that way, that they could still get polish and didn’t have to worry about contracting anything from another person since the nail spa offered a clean, sterile environment – but without the clinical feeling of a doctor’s office. 

Seeing people walk away feeling calm, beautiful and with a spring in their step inspired me to continue my education and become a certified Advanced Medical Nail Technician. I’ve been in the Beauty Industry for over 20 years and being a business owner has always been a dream of mine.


Discovering the demand for this type of concept, coupled with my managerial experience and passion for helping people feel their best, Remedi Nail Spa was born. I’m now based in the Land O’ Lakes area and am so excited to offer a clean, safe nail experience to my new community.

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