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6 Benefits of Waterless Pedicure You Should Know About

waterless pedicure benefits

If you've ended up on this page and are giving this a read, chances are you're fascinated by the idea of waterless pedicures and wondering what they're really about. Your inquisitiveness is spot-on, as there are a few compelling reasons that might not have crossed your mind but actually hold a lot of logic. We've all heard those not-so-great stories about unsanitary nail salons and the risks they pose. That's where the waterless pedicure comes in as a safer alternative, especially for individuals with specific nail and health considerations. Keep reading to discover the benefits of Waterless Pedicure and why it's making waves and becoming a preferred choice.

What is a Waterless Pedicure?

The concept is in the name – a waterless pedicure is precisely what it sounds like. Also known as a "dry pedicure," this treatment follows the familiar steps of a traditional pedicure, encompassing foot scrubbing, buffing, nail trimming, and filing. However, the significant difference lies in the omission of the soaking step, where the feet are usually submerged in water. Instead of soaking, a combination of disinfectants and heated towels takes center stage to prep the skin and nails.

benefits of waterless pedicure

Benefits of Waterless Pedicure

  • Cross-Contamination Prevention. By forgoing the foot-soaking phase, we effectively diminish the likelihood of cross-contamination. Our approach goes beyond simply skipping the step of sharing a tub with others, regardless of whether a tub liner is used. Bacteria thrive in wet environments, so our main focus is on completely wiping out any risks of cross-contamination and eliminating the soak altogether. At Remedi Nail Spa our commitment extends to the rigorous sanitization of all implements and tools through the application of medical-grade disinfectants and an autoclave.

  • Safer for those with Diabetes. Diabetes can cause poor blood circulation, especially in the feet. Soaking in warm water can potentially worsen this condition by dilating blood vessels and causing blood pressure fluctuations. Ever been nicked while getting your nails done? Minor cuts or infections can take longer to heal in those with diabetes, increasing the risk of complications. Soaking in shared tubs can introduce bacteria, further delaying healing and increasing the potential for infection.

  • You get softer, smoother skin. Without water, it's easier to spot problem areas. Water can make skin extra pliable, obscuring the true condition of skin and nails. No water means a clearer view for nail technicians to assess skin and nails. Traditional soaking can alter skin elasticity, therefore hiding issues.

medical pedicure

  • Less chance of discomfort. Soaking in water can make skin more sensitive. Water causes the outer skin layer to swell and soften, making it more absorbent. This can increase sensitivity as the skin's natural protection is temporarily reduced. Dry skin helps nail technicians identify dead skin that needs exfoliation. When skin is wet, everything can look the same, making it harder to spot these areas

  • Nail polish lasts longer. Nails are composed of keratin and have microscopic pores that allow for the absorption of water, moisture, and other substances. When nails are soaked, they become more porous, causing expansion. So, when polish is applied to soaked nails, they expand temporarily. As they dry completely, they contract, leading to premature chipping.

  • You are helping conserve water. Choosing waterless pedicures isn't just great for you – it's awesome for the planet too. We're talking about saving up to 15 gallons of water per session. That's a high-five to Mother Nature right there!

While soaking your feet can be enjoyable, it might not be the optimal choice during a pedicure, particularly if you're dealing with a compromised immune system, have diabetes, or have experienced fungal concerns in the past. At Remedi Nail Spa, we prioritize nail health without compromising on those feel-good moments. Our treatments feature luxurious whipped sugar scrubs and comforting warm towels. You can elevate the relaxation with options like soothing Paraffin treatments, a rejuvenating mask with heated booties, and a calming massage. Ready to experience it? Schedule your waterless pedicure today for a healthier, pedicure experience!

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