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5 Winter Foot Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

When caring for our body during winter time, our feet usually take the backseat, partly because they are always hidden during cold months. But did you know, you could be damaging your feet's health by not paying much attention to them? Here are some foot care mistakes you need to avoid during the winter.

Wearing footwear that doesn't fit properly

Most of us don't give much thought to the boots we wear. As long as they are snug and warm, we're good right? Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Wearing ill-fitting footwear during the winter time can cause all sorts of issues—from calluses, and blisters, to infection.

FOOT HEALTH TIP: Make sure your boots are not too tight or too loose. Check the lining as well for holes, and the soles for any cracks.

Warming your feet in haste

Do you rush to get in front of the fire or heater after a day out in the snow to warm your feet? Doing so may cause chilblains. Chilblains happen when the feet are rapidly exposed from extreme cold to warm temperatures. Small blood vessels in the skin will start to swell, causing itching, red patches, swelling, and blistering on your feet.

FOOT HEALTH TIP: Gradually warm your feet by massaging them or wearing socks, then proceed with drinking something warm to help blood circulation in your feet.

Wearing boots the entire day

I know, I know. It's cold and snowy, and only a pair of boots can give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. However, enclosing your feet in winter boots all day can lead to excess sweating, which can cause infection in the long run.

FOOT HEALTH TIP: As soon as you get home, make sure to change into comfortable shoes or warm socks. Don't forget to dry out your boots as well to get rid of the moisture.

Forgetting to dry out your boots

Because we use our boots daily during the winter, we sometimes forget to dry out our boots. Damp shoes and socks can cause fungal infections when not taken care of properly.

FOOT HEALTH TIP: When drying out your shoes, make sure to remove the lining and turn the shoes upside down to prevent fungi from getting a foothold in the toe box.

Mistaking damp feet for moisturized feet

I hate to break it to you: damp feet are not the same as moisturized feet. In the wintertime, cold weather can leave the skin dry so keeping it moisturized is absolutely essential. However, it doesn't mean you can walk around with your damp feet, which is a perfect condition for bacteria and fungi to thrive.

FOOT HEALTH TIP: As soon as you get home, make sure to dry your feet paying close attention to the areas between the toes, moisturize, then change into fresh socks.

The winter season can be harsh on our skin, so it's essential to pay close attention to our foot health. For more tips, be sure to consult your podiatrist or your trusted medical pedicurist!



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